St Pauls


St Pauls has had its fair share of bad press over the years, turning attention away from the great community spirit that lies at its heart. For those who don’t know, St Paul’s used to be an area of wealth and prosperity with homes built primarily in the Georgian and Victorian periods. Streets such as those around Portland Square and City Road were home to the affluent traders and businessmen of the late eighteenth century. Sadly though, the area was badly affected by the Second World War because it was so close to Bristol’s centre. In post war times it became a forgotten land with families and businesses following the trend by moving further out into the suburbs. Ironically though, in the 21st century it is because of its central location that people are now returning to St Pauls and a real change happening, one that is definitely for the better.

St Pauls has always had a vibrant and lively community, but there is now real diversity in the type of people who make up the area. This is demonstrated to all at the famous annual St Pauls Carnival – a unique street party showcasing the best food, music and dance from this proud and often underrated Bristol neighbourhood.